In an interview the controversial author and critic of modern education John Taylor Gatto said:

“There is a wildcard loose… in all the libraries of the planet, all the used bookstores and stuff. That the wisest, brightest people in the history of the world have left behind a printed legacy. So no matter how you dumb-down the population, if they could read well enough, they would eventually maybe find their way to Roman Emperor, Marcus Aurelius’s “Meditations”, where he says, “Nothing you can buy is worth having,” and “No-one you can boss around with your power is worth associating with.” Now there’s a dangerous idea right? How are you going to prevent people from reading Marcus Aurelius’s “Meditations” since the best people want to have access to those books too?”

It was an interview with Jan Irvin in March, 2010.

It has been widely discussed, that most of Marcus Aurelius’s writings were notes to himself. Basic tenets of stoic philosophy that he wanted to remember, to refer back to and to remind himself on occasion.

With all the misinformation constantly around today, it is helpful to have notes and reminders. Breadcrumbs and clues back to what is closer to truth (logos). I think we should all make notes and keep notes. Journals, notebooks and notes on your device. Refer back to them. Or don’t.

I want to share some of these teachings which are timeless; mainly for me. But also to share. I also want to share some of my own ideas. But in truth, I realize that my original ideas are too few and far between to create a full body of work. Furthermore, most of the time I don’t have reliable ways to test my ideas, either in intelligent debate or in real world situations.

So, this section is my “notes-to-share”. Notes that I have made from my experience working with clients and notes from trainings or from researching original sources. Some of it is simply regurgitated timeless philosophy. My personal favorite antidote to the fashionable behavior of regurgitating fake news 🙂

I share these notes with the disclaimer that they are full of errors and you should use with caution. Don’t quote my notes. They may not be original and may steer you in a direction you don’t want to go. Or, they may steer you kicking and screaming towards your own truth. You have been warned.