How I help leaders in the outdoor industry…

Concierge Consulting Services

Oftentimes it is as simple as putting the marketing though the “mediocre-test” and fix ASAP using some proven methodologies.

Through the years, my clients have always valued the second opinion that I provide. An objective evaluation for either creating preemptive systems to avoid unintended consequences, or rapid methods to fix problems.

I help with:

  • Consulting on personal brand for leaders and company owners
  • Objective vetting of vendors & suppliers
  • Helping CEO’s re-shape the ask of the team
  • Evaluating the larger brand message



1.) The outdoor industry pays it forward both in the innovation of technology for the equipment and gear, but also in stewardship of our wilderness areas. The population of the planet is growing, and the need to protect our wild playgrounds is growing proportionally.

2.) Stoked people are happy people. They are able to bring the excitement and enthusiasm from outside world into the boardroom and offices. This affects the work in a positive way for everyone involved.

3.) Outdoor industry people have the most level-headed and practical approach to sustainability and trade policy.

Outdoor recreation is how I keep my batteries charged! Throughout my life, I’ve immersed myself in the great outdoors, and have worked closely with the outdoor industry through a number of different venues and projects.

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