For Attention: Executive Coaches, Life Coaches, Wellness Coaches and Solo Practitioners!

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For Attention: Executive Coaches, Life Coaches, Wellness Coaches and Solo Practitioners!

Dear Coach,

People rely on YOU to transform their lives.

So why is your marketing NOT helping you do more of that?

Unfortunately, most coaches are using outdated and old internet marketing techniques that no longer work.

This means a ton of work for you, creating content that no-one ever sees.

Most coaches bury themselves in what I call “digital marketing overwhelm.”

This is VERY sad. They spend countless hours creating social media posts, and free offers, tips and helpful ideas.

But, it does not convert to ongoing new clients.

They told you, build it and they will come... Build your website and online presence, and clients will show up!

Well, did they?

- You were taught to create a laundry list of digital market items:

- Start your own Podcast.

- Create digital product launches.

- Write an e-book.

- Build, or buy a big email list.

- Create free “lead magnets.”

- Do lots of freebie 1-on-1 coaching.

- Learn to become an expert affiliate marketing genius.

- Start a YouTube channel.

- Create a range of marketing funnels selling all sorts of information.

- Learn to be a great copywriter.

- Write an engaging blog post every single day.

Well, you have tried at least some of this… has it worked yet? Probably not to the degree you expected. Why?

While these strategies do work for the most part, they take a very, very long time before you start to see results.

Besides, if you are like me, coaches don’t want to spend their time doing this stuff when they really want to be helping people.

You want to spend your time coaching and being of service, not pretending to be an expert marketer or living on social media platforms.

BUT, you still need a reliable way for getting new leads.

You still NEED a simplified formula for getting new clients. Right?

Thats why I am sharing the 3 Phase Formula™  which attracts the ideal type of clients that are willing to pay your premium rates and are a pleasure to work with.

And it’s all inside my FREE online training:


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I took a very detailed and successful webinar training… and CHOPPED it up!

Why would I do that?

Because I’m obsessed with making digital marketing simpler and easier for coaches. Less screen time, and more coach/client time. So this training is now condensed and concise. You will need to take notes.

I want you to turn your expertise and passion into a profitable and enjoyable business that REALLY helps people get ahead.

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You are: a life coach or business coach,

or a solo practitioner or health specialist...

  • Don't make the biggest, #1 mistakes that most coaches, and solo practitioners make with their online marketing (these are expensive mistakes).
  • Why old school webinars and online trainings, information and marketing are not helping you.
  • How to implement the super simple 3 Phase Formula that allows to predictably attract your ideal clients.
  • How to create transformational results for your clients while offering a premium service at premium prices.
  • How to enroll clients without sounding like a used car salesman.
  • The growth blueprint to scale your coaching business in a way that grows with you (works for up to 7 figures and beyond).
  • The seven secrets every coach or solo practitioner should have.
  • And additional bonuses! (Only if you behave) 🙂

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The Chopped Up Webinar™


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