Known for a career creating print and TV campaigns for the some of the world’s biggest brands, Jono is also known for assisting high performance individuals get to the next level in their lives.

He consults with business owners on their marketing… exterior work. He also coaches entrepreneurs on personal goals and transformations… inner work.

He has a unique talent for helping his clients get very focused, take action and reach their personal or professional goals. He then introduces systems that help his clients stay on track so that the transformative changes are permanent.

Jono is the creator of, an ongoing research project. It is a video series that explores the lives of people experiencing the Flow state.

When he is not working with his clients, you will find Jono pointing a camera at something or adventuring in the mountains in his back yard.

What clients get…

Depth of experience and what Jono’s clients benefit from…

Creative: Vast experience from an ebullient work life, immersed at the highest level in commercial photography, commercial film production, marketing and advertising.

Synergy: From decades of working in the world of art-and-commerce with some of the world’s biggest brands. This included unique situations like negotiating commercial filming permissions with hostile tribes in Africa; or getting CEO’s to agree on a new direction for marketing outreach.

Risk: Understanding the broad role of risk in life; from filming in war zones to action and adventure sports (surfing, skiing, skateboarding, snowboarding, rock climbing, mountaineering, mountain biking, paragliding and hang gliding). Using risk on a meta-level to help clients understand their own risk tolerance and the importance of risk in life and work.

Learning: Creation of online education programs and courses that help individuals and organizations accelerate their learning and transition to their next level.

Responsibility: Working with massive advertising and filming budgets from an early age and understanding the seriousness associated with large corporations making significant investments in marketing and advertising.

Support: Knowing how and when to to support clients in particularly difficult business and life transitions, transformations and important inflection points. Supporting corporate groups and individuals through their growth and dream-realization.

Insight: Drawing from a broad range of education and specific trainings, plus a healthy dose of self experimentation, the 30K foot view is vital for helping people move to their next level.

Action: A life of taking action and being “in-action”. Helping clients overcome their own inertia and take action in a habitual manner.

Looking for something else?

Jono Fisher Productions:

High converting video creation for brands, organizations and individuals.


Systems and tools for outdoor adventure athletes.


FlowStars is a video series, that explores the lives of extraordinary people who are often in a state of Flow.